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Hello! I am Eva, an educator from Lithuania teaching people from all around the World in Oulu and online since 2014. Music has always been a big part of my life as I’ve been singing even before I’ve started talking and I’ve been playing music since I got my very first instrument. I have got experience in both: formal and non-formal music education, as I’ve been studying music at governmental and private schools. I have also studied Individual psychology and Management of Cultural Activities in Vilnius, Lithuania.
As a music and arts teacher, I prefer more freedom and creativity in education rather than strict rules. Therefore, I use various teaching methods in order to motivate and encourage my students to express themselves through the music and to fall in love with music. In my opinion it is very important to enjoy the learning process, so I am trying my best to bring that joy into my students and listeners hearts.

I have been active in organizing music lessons and performances in Oulu from 2014 and I got a Master's degree in Education from University of Oulu in 2019. Besides, I have done studies in Professional Teacher Education program. I am the first in Oulu to organize Music Playschools, Body Percussion Sessions and Music Courses in English. Therefore, I have 10 years experience in teaching music and arts to various age groups and abilities.

In 2022 I have started running new educational projects, related with adult's education and families' well-being. In I have started organizing various musical events at Libraries and Daycare in Oulu. Everyone is warmly welcome to learn with me or from me, despite their cultural background and race in English, Finnish or Lithuanian.

Music lessons for children and adults at any level.
Studying languages: English, Finnish and Lithuanian.
You can always start with trial lessons!

 Individual Lessons

 Trial Lessons 

30 min              33€
45 min              47€
60 min              60€


30 min x 15             495€
45 min x 15             705€
60 min x 15             900€

  Group Lessons (45min, price is per student)

 Trial Lessons 

2 students              27€

3 students              23€
4-5 students          19€


2 students x 15 lessons                405€
3 students x 15 lessons                345€
4-5 students x 15 lessons             285€

 Music Carousel for 5-8 years old children

15 x 30 minute lessons    

2 students                       300€ (20€ / lesson)
3 students                       270€ (18€ / lesson)

 15 x 45 minute lessons  

 2 students                    360€ (24€ / lesson) 

 3-4 students                 315€ (21€ / lesson)

Music and art sessions for adults and children 

 Music Playschool for 3months old to 5 years old chidren

15 x 30 minute lessons    

5-7 students                      150€ 

1 trial lesson

5-10 children          12€

12 x 30 minute lessons    

5-10 children            120€

* for the 2nd child   100€

Terms and Conditions

Lessons are organized face to face and online*. Lessons are planned for the whole Autumn/Spring and usually cannot be rescheduled due to student's absence. However, in a situation where the teacher is absent the lesson will be rescheduled. In this case, teacher will inform you as early as possible by email or phone.

The lessons' fees are paid in advance and the receipt should be showed for the teacher before the first lesson. One-on-one and some group lessons' payments can be divided into two parts. If the payment is late, you will get a reminder that will incur additional 5€. 

At least two weeks of prior notice should be given before termination of lesson agreement. In a situation that student stops coming for the lessons, the paid fee is not refundable. Likewise, if the invoice has been sent and the client decides to cancel the lessons afterwards, the invoiced fee has to be paid and cannot be cancelled. The cancelation email/message has to be sent at least 2 weeks before the first lesson as for the later notice is charge of 50€.

The courses from Autumn semester automatically continues in the Spring.

*When the lessons are organized online, students are learning from a book or the sheet music is sent to print in advance and might get additional videos in order to make the learning process fun and easy.
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